Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sox Sign Jason Varitek to a 1-Year Deal

You know, I can see how some people might be upset about this decision.  I can see that some fans would say that V-Tek is past his prime, and not worth the $2 million dollars that the Red Sox agreed to pay him in 2011, according to sources close to the two parties.  But, I love the move.  We lost Victor Martinez.  Our only other option is Saltalamachia? I don't like that.  It doesn't matter who starts and who is back up, but I will point this out.  Variteks offense appeared to return last season.  Although he was only a back-up, in the first month, Varitek was leading Martinez in all major offensive categories.  So, I like this move.  I think Tek could very well finish his career on a high note and perform well in 2011.  I really like this move by the Red Sox, because it gets us a catcher for a small amount so that we can consentrate our available salary on Carl Crawford or Jason Werth and Adrian Beltre. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What In The World Is An X-Win?

So Felix Hernandez won the AL Cy Young Award earlier today even though the guy went 13-12.  How can you go 13-12 and win the Cy Young?  I mean, I understand he plays for the worst team in baseball, and there's not offense to speak of.  But really? Cy Young Award?  The guy may have had some of the best stats in baseball, but i don't understand how he could win so decisively.  I mean, I read and saw that the baseball writers used something called x-wins to make their decisions.  I suppose statisticians use these to determine how many wins a pitcher should have had based on ERA and IP, bu come on, how can that be determined?  Also, I would like to point out that Zack Greinke won the title last year and he played for the Royals.  Did you hear me?  The Royals!!  The worst team in the MLB for the past few years!  But he still went 16-8, had a 2.16 ERA and 242 strikeouts.  So the excuse that his team has no offense and so we should go by x-wins is not right.  How about x-strikeouts, and x-era?  What's next? Making up new stats?  I agree that Hernandez is a great pitcher.  But a Cy Young winner should be able to over come a bad offense and get wins anyway?  I mean, a .500 pitcher?  Really?  I just have a real problem with these x-wins.  How can you make that up like that?  It just doesn't seem right to me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yankees Going After Lee After Fans Treated His Wife Like Garbage

So apparently to Cliff Lee the dollar signs are more important than his own family.  Ironic considering we're talking about a man who said his family comes before baseball itself.  Not even a month after Yankee fans yelled obsenities toward his wife in the ALCS, Lee welcomed Brian Cashman into his home to discuss playing in the Bronx next year.  I cannot speak for every man out there.  But if I knew that there were people who treated my wife so poorly that she cried, I would do everything in my power to make them regret the decision.  Now that does not mean that I am saying that Lee should join the Red Sox to annoy the Yankees.  By all means, stay in Texas, go to any other team that is not the Yankees.  You don't have to go to Fenway Park.  But to go to a team where the fans treated his wife so poorly seems to be spitting in the face of his own morals.  But then is money that makes the world go round.  That's all that players these days care about.  I mean, if that wasn't the case, players like Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon would not go from playing for the Sox to the Evil Empire.  I wouldn't care about this whole deal if Lee hadn't said that family comes first.  I understand that he wants the money.  I'm not afraid of him playing for the Yankees because I know that Boston can beat him.  But come on.  You go out and say that your wife and kids are so important, and then you consider joining the team that brought her so much torment.  That's just offensive.  How can you lay next to your wife at night when she has nightmares about her time in the Bronx, and then talk to Brian Cashman about playing for that team.  Just a disgrace as a husband and a man.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Big 3 vs. The Big 5

So tonight was the big debut of Lebron James and Chris Bosh in Miami.  Those two join Dwyane Wade to make a team that a lot of fans thought would break the season wins record.  Well guess what?  In order to do that, you'd have to go through the original big three of this century.  And it's no longer the big three.  It is at least the big four with Rajon Rondo at point guard.  Add in Shaquille O'Neal and you've got a big 5 in Boston.  So much hype was given to the Heat this offseason.  But through it all, I kept asking one question.  Where's the backup?  And I'm still asking that now.  You have 3 guys, 2 of whom are superb in their craft and the third who's above average (Bosh, if you really had to ask).  But who's around them?  They have virtually no one else.  Even the late addition of Big Z doesn't make this a great team.  Basketball is a team sport.  It will never be about one man.  Even Kobe Bryant couldn't win in LA after Shaq left before Pau Gasol showed up.  If you don't have a cohesive unit on the court, you cannot expect to win. 

The Heat showed everyone tonight that they are not a team.  Lebron and Wade were clearly not on the same page.  How many times did one of them throw the ball to the other and it resulted in a turnover?  They weren't together.  Not the way that Rondo is with the whole Boston lineup.  I mean, come on!  Seventeen assists!  That's insane.  In a game when the team only scored 88 points, Rondo had that many assists.  That's a team that is in sync.  Am I saying the Heat will be like this all season? No!  Let me get the out right now.  Down the line, this team is going to be good.  This team will make the playoffs.  However, I don't think they will have the success that a lot of people had thought, and hoped, they would have.  For now, though, the Boston Celtics have proven to me that they are the team to beat in the Eastern conference.  Don't agree?  Who do you think is the favorites?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok, I know.  It's been a while since you've heard from me.  40 days actually.  I guess I was just not excited about this as much as I was when I got started.  But the old ball-and-chain got me back into it.  That's right, my girlfriend got me back into writing here for you to read.  So, that being said, lets cover the stories that have been happening since I last wrote:

  • My Red Sox finally bit the bullet
  • The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings are huge let downs this season
  • Brett Favre is a pervert
  • Randy Moss complained, and then got shipped out
  • The NFL is putting in more rules to make it less violent
and of course:
  • Like myself, Neon Deion Branch is back!
There is only one of these stories that surprises me.  And that is Deion Branch being back in New England.  I knew Moss was gone, he was complaining too much.  But bringing back a man who had a psychic read on Tom Brady while he was in New England?  That was a surprise even for me!  But I love it.  I am looking forward to seeing how New England can compete now without the deep threat of Randy Moss.

The NFL season is still young, but some surprising teams for me are the Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Texans.  I'll admit, the Texans have always been decent, but to be leading in the AFC North is a surprise to me.  So what if its a 3-way tie out of four.  But the real shock is Atlanta.  This team has been dropping fast since Vick's scandal.  But the drafting of Matt Ryan has really turned the team around.  Now this team is leading the NFC South and is tied with the defending Super Bowl Champions!  This team could be very fun to watch in the near future, and I do mean this season!

Like I said folks, I'm back, and I will continue to post hoping for a following.  We will see what happens I guess but for now.  I AM BACK.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoy This Season. It's The Last For a While

So the 2010 NFL Season started tonight with Minnesota vs. New Orleans.  And I'm enjoying this game and every game of this season because it's going to be the last season for the next couple of years.  Because unless the players stop wining or the owners stop being prudes with their money, there wont be an NFL season next season, or the season after that, or the season after that, and so on.  I hope a resolution is resolved.  Because, although, MLB is my sport, I'm better with fantasy football than fantasy baseball (just ask my girlfriend who has kicked my ass in Fantasy baseball the last 2 years by picking the players based on how awesome their names are or how cute they are).  So it the players, accept a salary cap.  It's what makes the game better.  MLB is becoming less popular because the Yankees are buying up everything.  That's not exciting.  What's exciting is that between the years 2000 and 2010, only 2 teams have won the Superbowl more than once, the Pittsburg Steelers, and my New England Patriots.  That makes it fun! Anyone can win! And to the owners, raise the cap.  Players like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Johnson should be making more money than they are now if they're the best in their craft.  If the two sides can agree, there will be a 2011-2012 season.  If not, hello boring fall and winter for everyone.  The NFL is important to this country.  The players and owners need to man up and realize that its about more than just money.  It's about the entire country!  You know what, cue Shane Falco just in case.

P.S. I know I haven't blogged in a long time (over a month). But honestly, who reads this anyway.  If i can get some reader feedback, I will post every day, at least 4 times a day.  Please start reading and commenting!! Then I will be there for my loyal fans.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream Team Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

So earlier tonight, the members of the 1992 Team USA Olympic Basketball Team were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  There were other people inducted as well including Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone, but clearly the Dream Team was the headline of the night.  Now, my question becomes, why is it just now happening.  I understand there's a time that has to be allotted until players can be elected into the Hall of Fame, and it makes sense that they NBA wanted all the members of the Dream Team inducted in the same year.  But did it really take this long.  I'll be honest, I thought the team would have been eligible years ago, but please, if anyone knows that this was the first year, comment, let me know.  I like being corrected because it means people are reading this blog and paying attention.  I may not acknowledge you, but you can always tell yourself you outsmarted the Eamonator! 
By the way, I watched the Hall of Fame ceremony.  May I just say, Larry Bird was by far the funniest person.  Everyone tried to make jokes, but Bird succeeded in them.  Most of the jokes were in regards to Charles Barkley.  And on that note...Charles, you're in the Hall of Fame now!  Stop trying to play golf!  Basketball is your sport, and this proves it!!  Barkley's response: Oh Eamonator, that's terrble!  That's right, terrble.  Not a typo, it's pronounce terrble.  Congratulations anyway Charles and to the entire NBA Hall of Fame class of 2010!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You've Got to Be Kidding Me!!

Really?  Really?  Just when it looks like the injury bug is flying away from Boston it takes away the clean up hitter for the season?  Just when Bucholz, Ellsbury, and Beckett come back and Pedroia is just days away, the Sox will lose Youkilis for the rest of the season.  A hit by pitch will have him out for the season because it tore a muscle in his thumb.  This sucks.  Youkilis has been one of the more consistant players for the Sox this year.  The Red Sox lineup is going to need to step up from spot 1-9 to make up for it.  And Lowell is going to need to continue to work hard at first base.  Thank god he wasn't traded to Texas in the off season.  He's the only hope for the Sox for the rest of the season.  And offensively, Martinez and Ortiz are going to need to step up along with Lowell to try to make up for it.  It's a tough road ahead for the Sox from here on out.  To quote a former player from 7 years ago, "Boys, it's time to Cowboy Up!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favre Now Undecided. Who Could Have Forseen This? - Brett Favre told ESPN's Ed Werder in Hattiesburg, Miss., on Wednesday that he has not made any decision about returning to play for the Minnesota Vikings this season and said he will play if healthy.
Favre's agent, Bus Cook, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the quarterback has an appointment with Dr. James Andrews next week and will know more at that time. Andrews performed surgery on Favre's ankle in May.
"He's working out really hard and everything seems to indicate that if he is healthy and can contribute and play at the level that he has become accustomed to, he will play," Cook said.
Favre denied sending text messages to Vikings teammates and club officials that might have indicated he had decided to retire.
On Tuesday, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said Favre texted his teammates and told them he plans to retire. Shiancoe added he did not receive any direct messages from Favre, but learned of the texts from several teammates.
"Shank, that's why I love him ... all right guys I gotta go," Favre said, when informed of Shiancoe's comments.
Shiancoe said Wednesday he still had not heard from Favre directly and declined further comment.
Favre told ESPN that he has decided to play for Minnesota in 2010 if his surgically repaired ankle heals but said the fact he has not been able to decide his future reflects his level of concern about regaining his health.
Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Wednesday that the veteran quarterback plans to return to the team if he is healthy.
"I know it's a decision that he wrestles with," Bevell said. "He's a great player. He's a great competitor. He mulls things over. He's an emotional guy. So he thinks things through long and hard and takes his time with his decision. So I'm not surprised that things started to come out. We just have to wait and see."
Bevell, who became close friends with Favre during three years as his quarterbacks coach in Green Bay, said he has spoken to Favre recently, but not in the last 24 hours. He said it's been his understanding that if Favre's ankle heals, he will return to play for the Vikings this season.
"That's what I've been getting all along," Bevell said.
He hurt his left ankle in the NFC Championship Game loss to the New Orleans Saints.
Favre responded to a Star Tribune report that the Vikings were prepared to offer him more money for the 2010 season if he would play, insisting that his salary is not a factor in the decision. "It's not about money," he said.
Cook said there have been no negotiations on any adjustments to the deal.
"As far as Brett is concerned, in spite of reports to the contrary, Brett's situation has nothing to do with his contract, but everything to do with his health and ability to contribute to that team and play at a level that he has been accustomed to playing over the years," Cook told the NFL Network.
Favre told ESPN he has a time frame in mind and said he has spoken to the Vikings to make them aware of the approximate date when he will make his decision. He declined to reveal that information to ESPN, however.
"That is up for discussion, but they know and we know, so ..." Favre said.
Favre was at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg Wednesday, lightly tossing a football with players in warm-ups. He then helped as the players went through drills.
Favre has made regular appearances at Oak Grove in the summer for several years, working out with players during informal drills as he prepared for the upcoming season.
According to multiple reports Tuesday, Favre informed the Vikings he would not return to Minnesota for a second season. Favre sent text messages to teammates saying, "This is it," league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
The Star Tribune reported that the Vikings have offered to increase Favre's salary to $16 million guaranteed -- $3 million more than he was scheduled to make this season, plus another $4 million in incentives that could potentially pay Favre $20 million total for the 2010 season.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday during a visit to Ravens camp that he was taking a "wait and hear" approach to the latest twist in the Favre saga.
"We haven't heard from Brett, so we're all reacting to media reports," Goodell said. "So I think I'd wait and hear what Brett has to say."
Goodell said that Favre is "great for our game," but wanted the three-time NFL MVP to make the best decision for himself, not the NFL.
"I think we all love to see him play, but we want him to do what's best for him at the end of the day," Goodell said.
With Favre, of course, nothing is ever necessarily final after 19 NFL seasons. He told the Vikings last year he wouldn't play, but changed his mind and joined them immediately after they broke training camp, with Childress even driving to the airport to pick him up. Camp this year ends on Aug. 12.
An entire advertising campaign has been built around his indecision and his teammates have become accustomed to hourly changes in his status.
"It's been about three years now I've been getting asked the Brett Favre questions," said a grinning Tarvaris Jackson, who would take over as the starter if Favre does not return. "It's kind of part of my life now. I actually might miss it."
Favre has waffled on retiring every summer since 2002. It led to an ugly parting with the Packers that got him traded from Green Bay to the Jets in 2008. After a so-so season in New York, he announced his retirement in early 2009 for the second time, then reconsidered and signed with the Vikings.
He had one of his best seasons last year, with career bests in completion percentage (68.4), quarterback rating (107.2) and fewest interceptions (7), while throwing for 33 TDs and 4,202 yards to lead the Vikings (12-4) to an NFC North title. Most people around the NFL figured he'll come back for another run at what would be a third Super Bowl appearance.
"He is an emotional guy. He does tell you how he's feeling. He is very honest," Bevell said. "That's what I love about him and that's what a lot of people love about him. Sometimes it serves him well, sometimes it doesn't."

Gosh, Brett Favre goes from being retired to being undecided based on health.  Man, who could have thought this?  Oh, wait.  Didn't I say this would happen 2 days ago?  Previous ArticleWow, go figure.  Now he might play.  I'll bet in 2-3 days, he'll anounce that he's going to play.  And then his career will become the joke that I said it would.  I can't believe this guy.  I said make a decision!!  And he can't do it.  You know, a part of me thought he would stay retired.  But the other 99.7% of me said no way!  No more doubting myself.  Favre will come back!  And his career will always be thought of as this.  You know, SportsNation did a ranking of all QBs of all time.  And you know what, Favre was #3!  You know who is ahead of him?  #2: Peyton Manning.  #1: Joe Montana.  Neither of them will break his records.  But they're better, because fans see Favre as a joke.  Way to go Favre!  Way to make a fool out of yourself again.

Nope! Not Talking About It!

I refuse.  This doesn't count anyway.  This is homerun number 600* and 444 (legit).  I will not talk about this asterisc in history.

Shaq in Green? - Shaquille O'Neal has decided to join the Boston Celtics, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. He was expected to tell the team of his intentions Wednesday morning, but there had been no word as of the afternoon.

The length of the contract is not known, but O'Neal, who has been seeking a two-year deal, will play for the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million annually.
Celtics coach Doc Rivers began pursuing O'Neal last month when the two met in Orlando. Boston and the Atlanta Hawks were the two clubs most interested in O'Neal, and sources say O'Neal chose the Celtics because he believes they have a better chance of winning what would be his fifth NBA championship.
O'Neal, 38, averaged 12 points and 6.7 rebounds last season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the Cavs' six-game loss to Boston in the Eastern Conference semifinals, he averaged 13.5 points and 5 rebounds in 23 minutes a game.
Although O'Neal is no longer the dominant force he was for most of his 18-year career, he will bolster a Celtics' front line that will be without injured starter Kendrick Perkins for the first few months of the season.
Earlier this summer, the Celtics added Jermaine O'Neal, signing the veteran center/power forward for the full mid-level exception of $5.7 million.
Comcast SportsNet-New England reported Tuesday that Shaquille O'Neal and the Celtics were close to agreeing to a deal. With Celtics general manager Danny Ainge out of town on vacation, an official news conference is expected to take place next week.

To be honest, I have always seen Shaquille O'Neal as a Laker.  Even when he played for the Heat, the Suns, and the Cavs, he's always been a LakerBut when I heard rumors two months ago that Shaq could sign with the Celtics, I thought it would be great.  The Celtics were one quarter away from winning the championship last season, and blew it in the 4th because they lacked height with Kendrick Perkins going down.  Now Perk will be out until February at the earliest, and the Celtics would be without a big man.  Now, the Celtics have a taller big man, and probably the most dominant center of this decade.  Now, he may be old, but Shaq is still 7 feet tall and can out rebound anyone playing right now.  But the question is, what happens when Perkins comes back?  He's a young dominant center.  I say, Perk starts and Shaq comes off the bench.  I couldn't imagine a better bench player.  If that works, and Shaq puts his ego aside, the Celtics will be the team to beat.  Don't talk to me about Lebron, Bosh, and Wade.  Let's talk about Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, and Shaq!!  The Celtics will have the best starting five in the NBA, hands down!!.  I cannot wait for Game 1, when Shaq steps up to center court for tip off wearing Celtic green.  This is going to become very, very interesting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Great Man!!

Hey Giselle, you have 1 job today: Break the Bed!  I'm sure you can afford a new one once the Pats give him that new contract!  And for those of you who think he's going anywhere, you're crazy.  The Patriots will never let him get away.  He makes that team great!  Bob Kraft already said it, no matter what, Brady will be in Patriot blue next season!

Brett Favre Retires. Doubt it!!

So Brett Favre told the Vikings today that he's retiring from the NFL.  Boy does this sound familiar!!  Didn't he tell the Vikings two years ago that he was retiring and wouldn't play for them?  I'll believe it when the Vikings take the field on opening game and number 4 isn't standing with his hands on the center's ass.  This guy is without a doubt the best Quarterback who ever played the game.  His records show that.  So maybe he hasn't won many superbowls, he still has had a better career than any other QB ever.  But now, all this indecisiveness is tainting his reputation.  When he does decide to leave the NFL, he should be remembered for his records, for his Iron Man soul.  Now he'll be remembered for being the guy who retired and came back at least twice and I think it will be three times.  I don't think this man knows how to retire.  He should have gotten the hint when Sears had him do that commercial about indecisive people.  You didn't get it then Brett?  If you want to keep playing, keep playing!  The NFL can always use a player of your caliber.  If you want to retire, do it!  After 20 years you deserve some time for yourself and your family.  But whatever your decision is, stick with it.  But if you do this every year for another couple years, you will never be remembered for how great you are, but for what a joke your off the field antics were instead.  Stay, leave, do whatever, but stick with it Favre!  The fans wont always be there to put up with it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?! Two More Injuries For the Red Sox?

Why is it that the Red Sox are the Mets of last year?!  Like everyone is hurt this year.  The only players who haven't been hurt are Adrian Beltre, J.D. Drew, and Kevin Youkilis.  Amazing because they're probably the most injury prone players on the team.  And now Youk gets drilled in the thumb and leaves the game.  And two days earlier Mike Cameron gets put back on the DL.  Just as the Sox were starting to get they're players back, one gets hurt again and one of our needed players could be going down! I will admit that I am a Red Sox fan and root for the Sox, but I have tried to avoid talking all about the Sox, but this cannot ignore this.  The constant injuries is amazing!!  

Also, I am a bit amazed by one Red Sox injury.  Jacoby Ellsbury!!!  Guy breaks his ribs and is out for almost 2/3 the season?!  I know he's pissed that the Sox wouldn't give him an MRI immediately.  I think he's just avoiding coming back because of that.  I'm sick of that!  Stop being a baby and man up and get back on the field.  If not, maybe next season you won't be here.  Take your dress off and put your uniform back on!

So Because a Player Who is Supposed to Be Fat is Fat He Can't Play?

ESPN - Albert Haynesworth still hasn't passed the Washington Redskins' conditioning test.
The two-time All-Pro defensive tackle started to take the test Monday morning, but he stopped after three back-and-forth sprints because he again felt irritation in his left knee.
Haynesworth failed the test on the first day of training camp Thursday after taking an extended bathroom break in the middle of it. He failed again Friday when he didn't post a sufficient time, then didn't attempt it Saturday or Sunday because of his sore knee.
Unlike previous days, Haynesworth walked onto the field at the start of practice Monday with a helmet. However, he was not wearing pads and did not take part in drills.

 So let me see if I understand this.  Because an All-Pro Defensive Tackle is too fat, he can't play?  Aren't lineman supposed to be heavy?  I can't think of a single skinny, in shape lineman.  I remember when I played football, I went up against 300 pounders who couldn't run 10 yards.  And they were the starters!!  Now I understand that Mike Shanahan is new to the Redskins, and he expects certain things from his players, but are you really going to ban a guy for being as large as he should be?  That's like Jim Caldwell telling Peyton Manning that he needs to be able to run more in the pocket or he can't play.

Now, there are two sides to every story, and I understand that Haynesworth has a bad knee and that's why he isn't passing the tests.  If it's an injury that's keeping him out, it's understandable, but the media are making it sound like he's just too fat to play.  If it is the weight, I say Shanahan should let him go out there and play the way he always has.  He's always been big, let him play the way he knows how and win you games!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

After 1 Season Darrelle Revis Thinks He Deserves $16 Million?

ESPN - Forget "Hard Knocks." This is more like "Hard Ball."
The contract dispute between the New York Jets and star Darrelle Revis escalated toward nasty Sunday, when the disgruntled cornerback refused to report to training camp. His New York-based agent, Neil Schwartz, told that Revis won't show up until he receives a new contract.
That could be a while, based on the tenor of the negotiations.
General manager Mike Tannenbaum, who rarely discusses contract negotiations publicly, revealed that he made two "substantial" proposals last Thursday to Revis -- a long-term offer that would've made him a "Jet for life" and a short-term offer that would've increased his $1 million salary for 2010. Both proposals were rejected Friday night, Tannenbaum said.
He didn't provide any specifics; neither did Schwartz, who said: "Darrelle's actions speak volumes about the offers."
Revis is to make $1 million in the fourth year of his six-year rookie deal. He wants to be the league's highest-paid cornerback, a distinction that belongs to Nnamdi Asomugha, who signed a three-year, $45.3 million extension with the Raiders last offseason.

By holding out, Revis will incur a $16,523-a-day fine and waive future guarantees in his current contract. Based on a clause, the $20 million he's scheduled to earn in 2011 and 2012 goes from guaranteed to non-guaranteed salary. That he's willing to take that risk indicates the depth of his frustration. He has three years remaining on his rookie deal.
According to a source, the Jets' latest proposal includes no fully guaranteed money and his total compensation in 2010 would be less than $5.3 million -- the amount given to left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson in his recent extension.
Revis' decision came as no surprise, but it created a dark cloud over coach Rex Ryan's second training camp, the subject of a reality TV show -- HBO's "Hard Knocks." The national exposure, coupled with the team's openly stated Super Bowl-or-bust mentality, has fueled wild expectations.
Both Ryan and Tannenbaum said they were disappointed by Revis' no-show.
"I thought he'd be signed by now," said Ryan, who, with a straight face, maintained the Jets would remain the top-ranked defense even without Revis.
That wasn't a shot at Revis; Ryan called him "the best corner I've ever coached." Tannenbaum agreed that Revis has outperformed his contract and "we want to reward him." But he quickly added, "We have a fundamental disagreement on total compensation."
"The lines of communication are open and we remain committed to finding a solution that makes sense for him and makes sense for us," Tannenbaum said. "The two things that we've all agreed upon is that Darrelle has outplayed his contract and it needed to be addressed, and he has three years to go on his contract."
If Revis doesn't report by Aug. 10, the 2010 season won't count as an accrued season for him. The Jets may wait out Revis until then, seeing if he blinks.
"We were hoping Darrelle wouldn't have to go down this path," Schwartz said. "He and his family were extremely deliberate in this decision-making process."
The holdout comes three days after Tannenbaum and Ryan were rewarded with contract extensions, probably not the best timing from the Jets. Asked how Revis might feel about that, one player, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said, "I'd be [ticked]."
Revis wants a deal that surpasses Asomugha's ($16 million-per-year average). While the Jets believe that contract is an aberration, the signing bonus is also a sticking point in negotiations.
The Jets are refusing to dole out a big bonus even though it's an uncapped year, because they're concerned about the league's labor uncertainty. Those close to Revis believe that's hogwash and owner Woody Johnson doesn't want to write a big check because of cash-flow issues.
Because of the reallocation rule, the Jets are prohibited from fully guaranteeing future base salaries against injury and skill. It can be one, but not both. The Jets can make up for that with substantial up-front money, but the latest proposal is a Ferguson-like contract -- loaded with rolling guarantees, sources said.
Tannenbaum, calling himself a "problem solver," insisted he's willing to be flexible. He said he offered to meet face-to-face with Schwartz, but was rebuffed. Schwartz said that wasn't the case. The Jets waited several weeks before re-opening discussions at the eve of camp. Ryan, meanwhile, has insisted Revis was their No. 1 priority throughout the offseason.
Revis would be willing to accept a "band-aid" contract, a big raise in 2010 with the promise that the team would re-visit discussions on a long-term deal after the season. By then, the labor situation could be clarified.
Revis' holdout was a hot topic among his teammates, who were barraged by questions from the media. The players backed Revis, although they believe the defense wouldn't collapse without him.
"He's huge in this defense, but we'd find our way without him," safety Jim Leonhard said.
In his absence, Dwight Lowery and first-round pick Kyle Wilson will share Revis' spot at left cornerback, according to Ryan.
All-Pro center Nick Mangold, also seeking a contract extension, said he has no problem with Revis' decision, but unlike Revis, he showed up at camp. He said he isn't bothered that Ryan and Tannenbaum received extensions.
"They're working down the totem pole and they'll get to me in a couple of years," he said.
Tannenbaum said he hasn't spoken directly to Revis in several weeks. On July 14, he sent a text message to Revis, wishing him a happy birthday. Revis didn't respond.
In other Jets news, rookie running back Joe McKnight, who failed his conditioning run last week, passed Sunday morning, clearing him to participate in training camp.
Wide receiver Santonio Holmes was given a later mandatory report date of Wednesday so he can attend to a family matter. Holmes wrote on this Twitter page this week that his son was in the hospital, but it was uncertain if that was the reason for the delay.
Meanwhile, Jenkins (hamstring) and backup quarterback Kellen Clemens (calf) were placed on the active-physically unable to perform list.

 So after one good season, Darrelle Revis thinks he deserves to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.  The current highest paid CB is Nnamdi Asomugha who is making $15 million per season.  So Revis thinks he should make at least $16 million, a $15 million raise?!  One season where he stopped Randy Moss?  Let's face it, Randy isn't happy in New England anymore.  It's not tough to stop him.  Revis is not the best CB in the league.  He's a guy that got lucky in a couple games.  I don't believe he should be making as much as he thinks.  If the Jets cave to this, they just prove they're a pathetic team who don't deserve the reputation they're being given.  They think it's all Revis?  They're defense is fine, I'll admit it, so they'll do just fine without Revis.  I could see a possible pay raise, but if it goes anywhere higher than $6 million a year, the Jets are admitting that without him, they're in a lot of trouble.  Forget Revis, clearly he's going to be a big ego player like Chad Johnson (Ochocinco for people who actually think of him as that) or Terrel Owens.  He's trouble, and will cause drama for the Jets and they're eventual demise to the likes of the Patriots!

How Long Do We Have to Put Up With the A-Roid 600 Homerun Story?

 ESPN- Alex Rodriguez is not in the lineup against the Tampa Bay Rays, putting his chase of 600 home runs temporarily on hold.  Yankees manager Joe Girardi decided to rest A-Rod on Sunday, and plans to give other regulars a break in the near future.
"He's played 13 days in a row," Girardi said. "We've got to make sure that we keep him healthy and strong. My key is keeping our guys healthy the rest of the way. It could be a very tough two months. If you don't do that, shame on us."
The Yankees' third baseman went 0 for 3 with a walk, a strikeout and a run scored Saturday in a 5-4 win. It was his ninth game since hitting his 599th homer on July 22.
"My swing is a little out of whack," Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said he really didn't need a day off, but understands Girardi's desire to keep his players fresh. He is hitting .243 (9 for 37) with eight RBIs since getting within one homer of 600.
His next opportunity for 600 could be at Yankee Stadium on Monday night against Toronto.
"It will come," Rodriguez said. "Everything is going to be fine.
The Yankees (66-37) have the best record in baseball.
"That's been the good part, we've been winning," Rodriguez said. "The team has been playing well and we've been getting picked up by different guys."
Girardi said it was a tough decision not starting Rodriguez against the Rays, who are second in the AL East.
"But it's not September 25th," Girardi said. "If I run him out there and he gets hurts today, people are going to say, 'why did you play him 13, 14 days in a row?' You've got to be smart about it."
Also, left-hander Andy Pettitte (strained left groin) threw 25 pitches halfway up a bullpen mound and could have a full mound session Tuesday or Wednesday.
"Everything is going good," Pettitte said. "It's another step."
Meanwhile, outfielder Austin Kearns, recently acquired from the Cleveland Indians, will make his first start for the Yankees on Sunday. Reliever Kerry Wood -- also obtained from Cleveland before Saturday's trade deadline -- has arrived in Tampa and will be available to pitch.

Damn, how much longer do we have to put up with this story?  So it's been a while since Rodriguez hit a homerun, who cares.  To me, it shouldn't even count as the 600th homerun.  This man admitted to using steroids for three years of his career.  During those three years, he hit 156 homeruns.  If we are condemning Barry Bonds and saying he is not really the homerun king because he used steroids, then A-Rod can't be either.  And we should not be giving all this attention for 600 homeruns, when once he hits it, it will only be his 444 legitimate homerun.  I also will never acknowledge him as the homerun king unless he breaks Aaron's record by 156 homeruns.  With that being the case, why talk about this?  Who cares that he's not in the lineup??  I could not care less!

P.S. I know this is my second consecutive story about the Yankees.  But honestly it bugs me that they get coverage for such meaningless things like a player is not starting or they trade for a few old guys who wont help them.  However, this blog is supposed to be about all teams, not just a few.  So I promise to do better to make a variety for you, my loyal followers.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yankees Get Two Old Guys Who Wont Help Them at All

ESPN.COM - The New York Yankees acquired pitcher Kerry Wood from the Cleveland Indians on Saturday, the third deal in less than 24 hours for the World Series champions as they beefed up for the stretch run.  "I'm obviously excited to go and pitch in a pennant race and have a chance to get to the postseason and win a championship," Wood said. "That's why we all play the game."  Wood, a hard-throwing, 33-year-old righty, gives the Yankees another setup option alongside Joba Chamberlain for closer Mariano Rivera.  Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said Wood's role is up to manager Joe Girardi. "Joe does a tremendous job of finding out who slots where best, and I think that's done by performance," Cashman said. "Joe will get a feel for all his personnel and eventually we'll slot all these guys out by the way they perform.  "As long as he stays healthy, he's going to be another legitimate choice for us late in games. People will gravitate to their proper roles."
Girardi already has a relationship with the pitcher as he caught Wood in Chicago.  "I know what he's about and that part I don't have to worry about," Girardi said. "I know he's got good stuff, I do. I know he's got a very good fastball, he's got good breaking stuff. And I know he loves to compete. And as I said, I know him more than some of the other guys that we acquired. And that makes me believe he can help us."  The Yankees sent Cleveland a player to be named or $500,000, and the Indians gave New York $2,172,131. New York will pay $1.5 million of the $3,672,131 remaining on Wood's $10.5 million salary this year. His contract includes an $11 million team option for 2011.  The amount of cash the Yankees are getting in the Wood deal is tied to his health the rest of the year, a source familiar with the deal told senior writer Jayson Stark.   If he breaks down, the Yankees are on the hook for just the $1.5 million. The Yankees could assume an extra $500,000 of Wood's contract if he's completely healthy all year, or the Indians could choose an extra player to be named later from a list of prospects.  A day earlier, the Yankees obtained outfielder Austin Kearns from the Indians for a player to be named.  Wood was activated from the disabled list by the Indians on Saturday. He had been sidelined by a blister on his right index finger.  It was his second time on the DL this year. He didn't pitch until May 8 because of a strained muscle in his upper back.  Wood was 1-4 with a a 6.30 ERA and eight saves in 23 relief appearances for Cleveland. New York opened a roster spot by designating right-hander Chan Ho Park for assignment.  Cleveland has until Oct. 15 to decide whether to select a player from a designated list or to take the cash.

Hey, good for the Yankees, getting a couple of players who are far past their prime.  Lets see, Lance Berkman.  A man who has hit 13 homeruns and 39 RBIs for the Astors this years.  Then there's Kerry Wood, who was just traded for today.  The man is currently on the DL!!  He has 8 saves, 18 strikeouts, and a 6.30 ERA.  You're not impressing me.  Between the two of them, the Yankees have two old men who can barely hit or pitch.  Now granted, Berkman will work as a pinch hitter, and Wood can be a setup man before Joba Chamberlain.  But other than that, how can these two help the Yankees.  I think they're just trying to get other proven players who will not perform anymore.  Is anyone else thinking of Carl Pavano??  I certainly am.  I think they could be useful, but will they advance the Yankees?  No!

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