Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre Retires. Doubt it!!

So Brett Favre told the Vikings today that he's retiring from the NFL.  Boy does this sound familiar!!  Didn't he tell the Vikings two years ago that he was retiring and wouldn't play for them?  I'll believe it when the Vikings take the field on opening game and number 4 isn't standing with his hands on the center's ass.  This guy is without a doubt the best Quarterback who ever played the game.  His records show that.  So maybe he hasn't won many superbowls, he still has had a better career than any other QB ever.  But now, all this indecisiveness is tainting his reputation.  When he does decide to leave the NFL, he should be remembered for his records, for his Iron Man soul.  Now he'll be remembered for being the guy who retired and came back at least twice and I think it will be three times.  I don't think this man knows how to retire.  He should have gotten the hint when Sears had him do that commercial about indecisive people.  You didn't get it then Brett?  If you want to keep playing, keep playing!  The NFL can always use a player of your caliber.  If you want to retire, do it!  After 20 years you deserve some time for yourself and your family.  But whatever your decision is, stick with it.  But if you do this every year for another couple years, you will never be remembered for how great you are, but for what a joke your off the field antics were instead.  Stay, leave, do whatever, but stick with it Favre!  The fans wont always be there to put up with it!

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