Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sox Sign Jason Varitek to a 1-Year Deal

You know, I can see how some people might be upset about this decision.  I can see that some fans would say that V-Tek is past his prime, and not worth the $2 million dollars that the Red Sox agreed to pay him in 2011, according to sources close to the two parties.  But, I love the move.  We lost Victor Martinez.  Our only other option is Saltalamachia? I don't like that.  It doesn't matter who starts and who is back up, but I will point this out.  Variteks offense appeared to return last season.  Although he was only a back-up, in the first month, Varitek was leading Martinez in all major offensive categories.  So, I like this move.  I think Tek could very well finish his career on a high note and perform well in 2011.  I really like this move by the Red Sox, because it gets us a catcher for a small amount so that we can consentrate our available salary on Carl Crawford or Jason Werth and Adrian Beltre. 

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