Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok, I know.  It's been a while since you've heard from me.  40 days actually.  I guess I was just not excited about this as much as I was when I got started.  But the old ball-and-chain got me back into it.  That's right, my girlfriend got me back into writing here for you to read.  So, that being said, lets cover the stories that have been happening since I last wrote:

  • My Red Sox finally bit the bullet
  • The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings are huge let downs this season
  • Brett Favre is a pervert
  • Randy Moss complained, and then got shipped out
  • The NFL is putting in more rules to make it less violent
and of course:
  • Like myself, Neon Deion Branch is back!
There is only one of these stories that surprises me.  And that is Deion Branch being back in New England.  I knew Moss was gone, he was complaining too much.  But bringing back a man who had a psychic read on Tom Brady while he was in New England?  That was a surprise even for me!  But I love it.  I am looking forward to seeing how New England can compete now without the deep threat of Randy Moss.

The NFL season is still young, but some surprising teams for me are the Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Texans.  I'll admit, the Texans have always been decent, but to be leading in the AFC North is a surprise to me.  So what if its a 3-way tie out of four.  But the real shock is Atlanta.  This team has been dropping fast since Vick's scandal.  But the drafting of Matt Ryan has really turned the team around.  Now this team is leading the NFC South and is tied with the defending Super Bowl Champions!  This team could be very fun to watch in the near future, and I do mean this season!

Like I said folks, I'm back, and I will continue to post hoping for a following.  We will see what happens I guess but for now.  I AM BACK.

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