Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream Team Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

So earlier tonight, the members of the 1992 Team USA Olympic Basketball Team were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  There were other people inducted as well including Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone, but clearly the Dream Team was the headline of the night.  Now, my question becomes, why is it just now happening.  I understand there's a time that has to be allotted until players can be elected into the Hall of Fame, and it makes sense that they NBA wanted all the members of the Dream Team inducted in the same year.  But did it really take this long.  I'll be honest, I thought the team would have been eligible years ago, but please, if anyone knows that this was the first year, comment, let me know.  I like being corrected because it means people are reading this blog and paying attention.  I may not acknowledge you, but you can always tell yourself you outsmarted the Eamonator! 
By the way, I watched the Hall of Fame ceremony.  May I just say, Larry Bird was by far the funniest person.  Everyone tried to make jokes, but Bird succeeded in them.  Most of the jokes were in regards to Charles Barkley.  And on that note...Charles, you're in the Hall of Fame now!  Stop trying to play golf!  Basketball is your sport, and this proves it!!  Barkley's response: Oh Eamonator, that's terrble!  That's right, terrble.  Not a typo, it's pronounce terrble.  Congratulations anyway Charles and to the entire NBA Hall of Fame class of 2010!

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