Monday, August 2, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?! Two More Injuries For the Red Sox?

Why is it that the Red Sox are the Mets of last year?!  Like everyone is hurt this year.  The only players who haven't been hurt are Adrian Beltre, J.D. Drew, and Kevin Youkilis.  Amazing because they're probably the most injury prone players on the team.  And now Youk gets drilled in the thumb and leaves the game.  And two days earlier Mike Cameron gets put back on the DL.  Just as the Sox were starting to get they're players back, one gets hurt again and one of our needed players could be going down! I will admit that I am a Red Sox fan and root for the Sox, but I have tried to avoid talking all about the Sox, but this cannot ignore this.  The constant injuries is amazing!!  

Also, I am a bit amazed by one Red Sox injury.  Jacoby Ellsbury!!!  Guy breaks his ribs and is out for almost 2/3 the season?!  I know he's pissed that the Sox wouldn't give him an MRI immediately.  I think he's just avoiding coming back because of that.  I'm sick of that!  Stop being a baby and man up and get back on the field.  If not, maybe next season you won't be here.  Take your dress off and put your uniform back on!

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