Monday, August 2, 2010

So Because a Player Who is Supposed to Be Fat is Fat He Can't Play?

ESPN - Albert Haynesworth still hasn't passed the Washington Redskins' conditioning test.
The two-time All-Pro defensive tackle started to take the test Monday morning, but he stopped after three back-and-forth sprints because he again felt irritation in his left knee.
Haynesworth failed the test on the first day of training camp Thursday after taking an extended bathroom break in the middle of it. He failed again Friday when he didn't post a sufficient time, then didn't attempt it Saturday or Sunday because of his sore knee.
Unlike previous days, Haynesworth walked onto the field at the start of practice Monday with a helmet. However, he was not wearing pads and did not take part in drills.

 So let me see if I understand this.  Because an All-Pro Defensive Tackle is too fat, he can't play?  Aren't lineman supposed to be heavy?  I can't think of a single skinny, in shape lineman.  I remember when I played football, I went up against 300 pounders who couldn't run 10 yards.  And they were the starters!!  Now I understand that Mike Shanahan is new to the Redskins, and he expects certain things from his players, but are you really going to ban a guy for being as large as he should be?  That's like Jim Caldwell telling Peyton Manning that he needs to be able to run more in the pocket or he can't play.

Now, there are two sides to every story, and I understand that Haynesworth has a bad knee and that's why he isn't passing the tests.  If it's an injury that's keeping him out, it's understandable, but the media are making it sound like he's just too fat to play.  If it is the weight, I say Shanahan should let him go out there and play the way he always has.  He's always been big, let him play the way he knows how and win you games!!

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