Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yankees Going After Lee After Fans Treated His Wife Like Garbage

So apparently to Cliff Lee the dollar signs are more important than his own family.  Ironic considering we're talking about a man who said his family comes before baseball itself.  Not even a month after Yankee fans yelled obsenities toward his wife in the ALCS, Lee welcomed Brian Cashman into his home to discuss playing in the Bronx next year.  I cannot speak for every man out there.  But if I knew that there were people who treated my wife so poorly that she cried, I would do everything in my power to make them regret the decision.  Now that does not mean that I am saying that Lee should join the Red Sox to annoy the Yankees.  By all means, stay in Texas, go to any other team that is not the Yankees.  You don't have to go to Fenway Park.  But to go to a team where the fans treated his wife so poorly seems to be spitting in the face of his own morals.  But then is money that makes the world go round.  That's all that players these days care about.  I mean, if that wasn't the case, players like Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon would not go from playing for the Sox to the Evil Empire.  I wouldn't care about this whole deal if Lee hadn't said that family comes first.  I understand that he wants the money.  I'm not afraid of him playing for the Yankees because I know that Boston can beat him.  But come on.  You go out and say that your wife and kids are so important, and then you consider joining the team that brought her so much torment.  That's just offensive.  How can you lay next to your wife at night when she has nightmares about her time in the Bronx, and then talk to Brian Cashman about playing for that team.  Just a disgrace as a husband and a man.

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