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Fantasy Baseball Rankings Day 6: Outfielers

And now to one of the most important lists in baseball.  Outfielders of course have speed in their repertoire.  I mean, they need to track so much ground in the field they have to be fast.  So for your stolen bases, these players are definitely who will get those numbers for you.  And the greatest thing about outfielders is that they can hit for power as well as contact.  Outfielders are probably the most important person for you to draft behind first basemen and a great starting pitcher.  And the great thing is that you get 3 outfielders per team, at least.  So with that in mind, while the other lists were of the top 20 players, here are the Top 60 outfielders in baseball in 2011.

1. Ryan Bruan, MIL
Here is a man who plays on a powerful Milwaukee team and leads their outfield every year in almost all offensive stats.  For him to be on top of this list, you should probably look to him in the second round at the latest.  If you miss out on a good power first baseman in the first round, you can pick up Braun in the first.  Unless of course you see pitching as more important, in which case Braun will probably still be around in the second round.  I mean, we have a man here who will probably hit 30 home runs, over 110 RBIs and have at least a .300 batting average.  Those are great numbers.  This is the kind of hitter you could build a team around.  I say go for him early, because he can be a great use to you throughout the entire season.

2. Carlos Gonzalez, COL
This is another power hitting outfielder.  He will probably have very close to 30 home runs and just over 100 RBIs.  He one stat that puts him below Braun is his batting average.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad average.  I mean he will hit between .290 and .300, a very respectable average.  If Braun were hitting a lower average, these two would be almost equal, if not Gonzalez being higher.  So again, Gonzalez is a man you could build a team around, as long as you add another player to it.  Look to Gonzalez in the second or third round,  and in the earlier rounds pick up another great hitter.  I see Gonzalez really filling up the whole in Colorado's lineup that Matt Holliday made when he left a few years ago in free agency.

3. Carl Crawford, BOS
And now to a much different type of hitter.  Carl Crawford is not a man who will hit 30 home runs.  I see him hitting around 15, but having a batting average into the .320s.  Also, Crawford's strongest weapon is his legs.  I see him being able to outrun plenty of infield singles.  Also, Crawford has always been at the top of the list of base stealers.  If you need a base stealer (and you need at least one on your team) Crawford is you man.  If you picked up a power hitter who's average isn't great in the early rounds, Crawford would make a great addition to your team.  His high average and speed will definitely balance out the power and non contact of your heavy hitter you picked up earlier in the draft.  Crawford will definitely be picked in the third or fourth round depending on your league's size, so go for him in the third if you really see him as helping you team specifically.  But if you see him as a man who could help your team, but not vital, grab him in the fourth.

4. Matt Holliday, STL
Yet another heavy hitter, Holliday's greatest stat is also his batting average.  Holliday will hit around 25 home runs and have 110 RBIs with a .320 batting average.  He is a great hitter who can definitely be the captain of a fantasy team.  The only reason he is not higher is that his individual stats are not as high.  His home runs will be fewer than Braun and Gonzalez while his batting average and steals will be lower than Crawford's.  But Holliday is probably the most well rounded hitter on this list.  This is a man who should probably be picked up in the third or forth, but you would be pushing it with forth.  If you had a poor first round pick and didn't get the big bat you wanted, grab Holliday in the third because he'll give you some great power and contact hitting.

5. Josh Hamilton, TEX
One thing that many people will remember in baseball history is the power display Josh Hamilton put on in Yankee Stadium in the Home Run Derby.  He became the closest hitter to hit a ball out of the park in right field in the entire history of baseball.  His power numbers are great.  I see him hitting 25 home runs this year but only having around 90 RBIs based on the team around him.  While great, they aren't going to help him by getting into scoring position, so his RBI numbers are going to go down.  But like Matt Holliday I see him as a great all around player.  He will have over a .300 batting average.  Not higher than Holliday, but close.  He is a great player who will not be around past the fourth round in the draft.  So if you are in need of an all around player, grab Hamilton because he will lead your team to victory almost every week!

6. Shin-Soo Choo, CLE
7. Jose Bautista, TOR (Can also play third baseman)
8. Matt Kemp, LAD
9. Andrew McCutchen, PIT
10. Nelson Cruz, TEX
11. Ichiro Suzuki, SEA
12. Justin Upton, ARI
13. Jayson Werth, WAS
14. HOU
15. Alex Rios, CWS
16. Andre Ethier, LAD
17. Jason Heyward, ATL
18. Jacoby Ellsebury, BOS
19. Chris Young, ARI
20. Shane Victorino, PHI
21. Drew Stubbs, CIN
22. Jay Bruce, CIN
23. Nick Markakis, BAL
24. Mike Stanton, FLA
25. Corey Hart, MIL
26. B.J. Upton, TB
27. Delmon Young, MIN
28. Curtis Granderson, NYY
29. Aubrey Huff, SF (Can also play First Baseman)
30. Michael Bourn, HOU
31. Grady Sizemore, CLE
32. Vernon Wells, LAA
33. Nick Swisher, NYY
34. Brett Gardner, NYY
35. Torri Hunter, LAA
36. Bobby Abreu, LAA
37. Juan Pierre, CWS
38. Jason Bay, NYM
39. Ben Zobrist, TB (Can also play First Baseman and Second Baseman)
40. Carlos Beltran, NYM
41. Colby Rasmus, STL
42. Carlos Lee, HOU (Can also play First Baseman)
43. Travis Snider, TOR
44. Angel Pagan, NYM
45. Carlos Quentin, CWS
46. Adam Jones, BAL
47. Michael Cuddyer, MIN (Can also play First Baseman and Third Baseman)
48. Jose Tabata, PIT
49. Magglio Ordonez, DET
50. Rajai Davis, TOR
51. Denard Span, MIN
52. Andres Torres, SF
53. Austin Jackson, DET
54. Franklin Guttierez, SEA
55. Johnny Damon, TB
56. Vladamir Guerrero, BAL
57. Omar Infante, FLA (Can also play Second Baseman, Third Baseman, and Shortstop)
58. Nate McClouth, ATL
59. Manny Ramirez, TB
60. Chris Coughlan, FLA

As always, please comment with opinions if you agree, or more importantly disagree.  I always love to hear if people think differently than me.  And I am serious.  I want to know if anyone thinks this list is wrong.  I look forward to reading them.

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