Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Rankings Day 3 Part 1: Second Basemen (Delayed)

The position of second base this year is probably the position with the most contact hitters in it.  The second basemen on this list are on it for their ability to raise their batting average, not for their power.  While some may hit near 20 home runs, they hold their position on their teams to get on base.  So if you find your team is full of power and not much batting average, draft a second baseman with your next pick.  And when you get yourself in that position, look to this list to decide how to choose who to draft next.

1. Robinson Cano, NYY
A member of the powerful New York Yankee infield, Robinson Cano is often overlooked because of the players around him.  But the learning he has done from players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Texiera has turned him into the premier second baseman in Major League Baseball.  Coming off a season with 29 home runs and over 100 RBIs while still batting .317.  No second baseman this year is going to have such a well rounded year as that.  A great combination of power and average, Robinson Cano should be drafted early in the second round.  If you have an early pick, take Cano, because you will not get a better chance at a great second baseman as Cano.

2. Dustin Pedroia, BOS
Another well rounded player, Dustin Pedroia will provide statistics in power and average.  However Pedroia will not be able to hit as much power as Cano.  Pedroia is more known for his hits and batting average.  Look for Pedroia to get over 200 Hits this season.  If your league scores Hits, Pedroia will be a great asset to you.  Coming off a season in which he spent almost half the season on the Disabled List, Pedroia is now hungry for a great season.  He will perform will.  Pedroia should be drafted in the late second round, maybe early third depending on the size of the league.  If you're looking for a great second baseman, Dustin Pedroia will perform perfectly for you.

3. Chase Utley, PHI
While Dustin Pedroia is known more for average than power, Chase Utley will hit for power.  His average will be okay around a .280, but his home runs will be around 20 to 25.  Utley will also play almost every day because he is very rarely injured.  Utley will provide regular numbers for your team and you will not need a back up second baseman on your bench.  Utley may not give you as great of numbers as Cano or Pedroia, but he will still provide well for your fantasy team.  He will be drafted in the early fourth round, so you can wait on him to go for more powerful hitters or some great pitching.  But don't wait too long, or Utley will be gone.

4. Dan Uggla, ATL
Dan Uggla will give some great power numbers for your team.  But his hits will be very low.  But if power is what you need, than Uggla is your second baseman. Uggla was traded in the offseason from the struggling Marlins to the better Braves.  This could provide better numbers, but that has to be seen this season.  Uggla will be drafted in the early fourth round right around the same time as Chase Utley, so once again feel free to wait on Uggla unless you see something that I don't.  But as is the case with Utley, don't wait too long, or Uggla will be snatched away.

5. Ian Kinsler, TEX
Ian Kinsler is the perfect combination of hitting and speed.  Kinsler will get on base with a single and then run his way to a double.  So because stolen bases can be great points for your team, Kinsler comes in at number 5 on this list.  However, there is a downside to this player.  Over the last three seasons he has been injured and spent a lot of time on the DL.  If you draft him, you will also need to draft a suitable back up player.  A player like Ben Zobrist or Omar Infante who can play more than one position.  That way if Kinsler is healthy those players will not go to waste and it will not cost you great picks to get them.  If Kinsler can finish this season without being injured, look for him to have a high .290 average and around 28 home runs and 33 stolen bases.  But even if he is injured again, he will still perform will for you in the time that he is healthy.

6. Brandon Phillips, CIN
7. Ricky Weeks, MIL
8. Martin Prado, ATL (Can also play Third Base)
9. Ben Zobrist, TB (Can also play First Base and Outfield)
10. Kelly Johnson, ARI
11. Chone Figgins, SEA
12. Aaron Hill, TOR
13. Brian Roberts, BAL
14. Howie Kendrick, LAA (Can also play First Base)
15. Gordan Beckham, CWS
16. Neil Walker, PIT
17. Omar Infante, FLA (Can also play Third Base, Shortstop, and Outfield)
18. Mike Aviles, KC
19. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, MIN
20. Ty Wiggington, COL (Can also play First Base and Third Base)

As always, please comment with opinions if you agree, or more importantly disagree.  I always love to hear if people think differently than me.  And I am serious.  I want to know if anyone thinks this list is wrong.  I look forward to reading them.

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