Monday, January 30, 2012

Volvo Big East Fan Weekend

Hello everyone, another Miggy wake-up call… as you know, I was selected to represent Villanova as one of 16 alumni participants in this year's Biggest Big East Fan contest...the gracious people at Volvo are sponsoring the competition and putting up a sweet, sweet Volvo S60 to the winner. (And here’s the video to prove it)

So with the voting portion in (cough, VOTE FOR ME cough), we are in the middle of the blogging portion of the competiton...AND...each contestant will be sent to their alma mater for a during one of their team's home games...using what else but the S60...

This past weekend was MY weekend back at Villanova with that Volvo S60:

Waiting for me home before the contest were tickets to the Villanova-Marquette game…

So Friday rolls along…the first day of my epic Volvo Big East trip…waiting for the day to pass so I could pick up the S60, I decided to make a quick journey to Madison Square Garden: the home of the Big East Tournament, and where last year’s Biggest Big East Champion was announced…here’s to hoping I will enjoy the same fate this year…

When the time finally does come, me, along with my wingman for the trip, Anthony, headed over to Manhattan Volvo to finally get my hands on the S60…

And there she is…

Remember, without real access to a car, this was the first time I ever got to drive from NYC to Villanova, let alone drive in rush hour. Actually, it was even my first time driving outside Queens (or Long Island for that matter)…it was amazing though upon experiencing all the safety features of this Volvo S60; between that and just the overall smooth ride this car can deliver, it was a calm and overall easy trip…every once in a while, Anthony was pointing out some details of the car I haven’t read up much less noticed yet

That said, I couldn’t show enough appreciation on how thankful how great the drive was…or just the fact that I made the two-plus hour trip without any cause for concern…

Saturday: Gameday…starting off right with the gameday gear…

An early morning drive from the hotel to campus beckons…our first stop on campus: a statue of St. Augustine eerily similar to the Heisman Trophy; therefore its nickname is “The Heisman”

Next was walking to the new walkway constructed through main campus…

Along with seeing an update on the rest of the construction…such as building a new place for The Oreo…

As we walk along campus, Anthony and I ran into many members of Nova Nation in their V-shirts geared up to watch the game…but the Augustinian Army reminds us there are other intense choices to show off our Villanova pride:

And if you were wondering who he was texting?

So before we headed out to the game, might as well give some freebies to these dedicated fans (after all, college kids love free, right?)

And if that wasn’t enough, letting them roll in style…

Getting closer to game time, we drove down into Philly and the Wells Fargo Center:

Of course letting some other Wildcat fans enjoy the sweetness of the S60…

And a tailgate started by Mike designated in my honor for my weekend and the competition…(you know how great a tailgate is when people show up without even having tickets to the game)…chili, breakfast burritos and homemade beer galore…

Upon reaching our seats, I notice that the Villanova Singers are performing The Star-Spangled Banner…

As a proud Brother in Song, I know first-hand that it is indeed an honor to sing the National Anthem in front of the rest of Nova Nation…seven decades of legacy is displayed each time the group takes the stage…

So as the game is starting, you can feel the excitement stretching from one side of Nova Nation…

…to the other

The game started off rolling all Villanova’s way, with a 18-point lead early settling into a 10-point Wildcat advantage at the half

Even Will D. Cat was feeling it launching T-shirt a ways

During half, didn’t get my crab fries since Villanova was ahead at the half, but was worth passing by anyway

But the Wildcats were plagued in the second half, where fouls, turnovers, and missed shots all drained their momentum…not even the Villanova dancing guy could rally the team out of this one…

In case you haven’t seen this man in action during a Villanova game:

Sadly though, Villanova couldn’t pull through…Marquette wins a heated one, 78-82…

To blow off steam, some of us stayed in the parking lot after the match and played some ladder golf:

After the traffic leaving the arena cleared up, we all headed to Tony Luke’s for what else but cheese steaks...

Of course as delicious as the cheese steaks were, a trip back to the hotel was needed to give in to a food coma, cheese steak-induced nap

When nap time is over, it was time to repay for the past couple of years and drive to the main line bars as a Designated Driver for the first time…

First stop was Erin’s Pub:

Of course, what’s Erin’s without playing rounds of darts?

Then it was time for The Grog for the guys to enjoy another round

Yet the night did not stop there…we were summoned for late night black & white shakes and some eats all the way at Minella’s Diner

The next day, it is time to drive the S60 back to Villanova for another walk around campus

Grabbing lunch at Campus Corner right off campus with Emily…

…who supplied me with some of the latest Villanova Curling gear

And before leaving campus, a visit to St. Thomas of Villanova Chapel

Another easy drive back to New York later, the S60 was dropped off back at the dealership…and as I walk away from the vehicle, I could only wonder how I hope I made Villanova, Volvo and everyone else proud through my participation this weekend and overall in the contest…

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the festivities of this weekend, from all my friends who showed up to fellow Villanova fans for their support, to Volvo to allowing me to chance to drive the S60…

That’s my recap, hope everyone enjoyed…

Ignite Change, Go Nova, Go Volvo


  1. St Augustine, the Heisman? what a statue.


  2. Like the Singers Shout out

  3. i think the vu singers always needed some choreography - maybe they could recruit that dancing fan - those were some moves.

  4. Awesome tailgate.... just saying... that was awesome.

  5. Someone's going to look like a stud in that new curling polo... I mean car...

    Jay Wright for President 2012 \V/

  6. Loving the Erins run...Miggs was quite generous with his Volvo sponsored dollars.

  7. So proud of you, being one of the nominees - you sure do know how to get around, Miggy!
    Go get that red Volvo S60, it's a must, you cannot leave home without it!

  8. Is it just my shitty connection, or is Mark experiencing some serious Asian glow in that photo? Also, WHY AM I NOT THERE?!?!?

    1. hahaha, Mark was just happy to be driven around for once I guess...and maybe when you stop your plans of a mango farm in the Congo-Zambia border, you'd be here

  9. where is my Volvo freebie? only for the choosen few?

    1. sorry dude, all the handouts were taken for whoever dropped by the S60 that morning, either at Nova or at the WFC tailgate, hopefully that won't be the last of the promo item batches though

  10. So freaking jealous. I am speechless. Miggy, you are simply brotastic^(infinity).

    1. thanks! maybe next year it'll be your turn to be in this contest, I didn't imagine myself in this spot last year so who knows

  11. make sure you first get the sweet Volvo S60 and we we'll all plan for next year - very challenging competition, great job, Miggy!

  12. Best of Luck,Miggy! Great video, great blog, and of course, great car! Go, Miggy, Go!