Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello everyone, Miggy dragging you away from normal life for another post... in case you were living under a rock, I was selected to represent Villanova as one of 16 alumni participants in this year's Biggest Big East Fan contest...the gracious people at Volvo are sponsoring the competition and putting up a sweet, sweet Volvo S60 to the winner. (And here’s the video to prove it)

So along with the voting that started at mybigeastvolvo.com (cough, VOTE FOR ME, cough), we are in the middle of the blogging portion of the competition (this being the 6th of 8 challenge posts). Let's add on the fact the contestants will be/have been sent to their alma mater for one weekend using the S60 to attend a game…

(THIS Saturday!!! Jan 28!!! I will be back @ Nova vs Marquette, get ready!!!!!!!)

Challenge #6: What are your favorite places to watch your team when you can't be at the game?

Preface…So I wanted to write this up a bit earlier this round so Eamon can try to remind people he writes here too squeezing in his uber-Pats homerisms (seriously though, congrats on making the Super Bowl, I guess…ha) before my post-Volvo trip write-up…I guess to write this up, probably gonna need some help though…

…I mean I was considering just the couch I made such an impression on in the VTV Studio, as seen as on TV:

...(edit: sorry, Facebook giving difficulties on how to load video and change privacy settings...facepalm...feel free to friend me on Facebook to watch it though...and feel free to learn Swede speak by liking Volvo...and done with commercials)

But alas!!! A Ghost of Miggy’s Past appears:

…and drags me though flashing lights and crazy sound effects (woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh) back to my days at Villanova. Through the experience a series of wormholes and loops like that scene in Contact, I am dropped right into Connelly Center (luckily, not in the fountain inside the building). Students are littered throughout the building wearing their V-Shirts. V-Shirts, should be a game day then. Yet, these students are here at the Connelly Center and not at the game? Must be an away game…ahh, this must be one of the many gamewatches run by Campus Activities Team . Yeah, this is the place to be when watching a game back at Nova: crowd + food + contests + whatever else they pull off during each gamewatch.

…but, I’m a grown man now (I think)…I graduated from Villanova, so where do I like watching Villanova games now? The couch beckons again…

Oh, and magically, the Ghost of Miggy’s Present appears:

This phantom decides to play games with me and throw me into two scenes at once (so this is what double vision is like). A bar appears in each of the images…people gather to screens all throughout the establishments. Food and drinks at hand, fans from new grads all the way to established vets roam the halls. It should be a weeknight; briefcases and suit jackets can be found alongside chairs and stools. Yep, the Nova game is on, figures…funny though, I know one of these flashbacks too well, I just wrote about it last week (a challenge-winning post, thanks all for your help and support in this).

The Australian…

…and Cooper Door Tavern

Both of these are the home bases for gamewatches sponsored by VUAA Manhattan Chapter…Yeah, great way to meet up with friends and other Wildcat fans here in the city and view the game as if we’re there in the Pavilion (or WFC…or in Connelly Center for away games…). This would be my choice for current spots to watch Villanova games.

I guess that would do it, right?...Right?...Can I wake up now?

And that’s when another ghost, the Ghost of Miggy’s Future appears:

…Wait, where else would I be watching the game? (Somehow I doubt the couch is still an acceptable answer)…I only sit in awe as time speeds…people come and go in instances, flying faster than my thoughts…when the pace of reality settles down, the ghost drags me outside. I could only chuckle as the sight I’m witnessing: another of my prior posts coming to fruition. With a couple of friends, I’m sitting in the Volvo S60, the car won from this Volvo Biggest Fan of the Big East contest, and watching the game though the rear set entertainment system. The more I think about it, why wouldn’t this make sense? …Tailgating before the game, hitting up a drive-thru during halftime, setting up the wireless router and Xbox 360 to watch the game while updating Facebook and Twitter, and the seats are as good as a couch anyway.

So that’s it, I guess thanks to my helpers (no, you guys can’t raid the fridge)…Was there supposed to be a moral in this, like A Christmas Carol? Well if you draw one up, you tell me.

As usual, feel free to make your comments...and/or like it, and/or re-tweet it, do something (please?)

Follow me on twitter @miggyflavored, and GO NOVA! (V for Villanova, V for Victory, V for Volvo)

(As always, many thanks to Volvo & the agency setting up the competition for giving me opportunity to represent, and Eamon O'Meara for the opportunity to work in this blog [until I regret it with your hourly Pats updates before the Super Bowl…kidding])


  1. At the tailgate should have been an answer.... just saying.

  2. I'm with the tailgate on this one!

  3. Miggy, THANK YOU for not including Kellys, although StellaGilletta Manor should have received a nod, with occasional trip to Sonic...

  4. Tailgating! With the Volvo S60 of course, which legitimately looks freakin sweet! GO MIGGY!

  5. So how was the game today Miggy?!!?!?!?!? It sucks Nova lost even with that lead, but hopefully the day was chill.

  6. great to see you in that Volvo S60 car, Miggy...go for it!

  7. Watching in the Connolley Center and listening to everyone collectively cheer.

  8. Yap, great place to watch at Connolley- we all always gather there, cheering and sighing for our NOVA team.