Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Give a Guy an Inch and He Takes a Mile!

Jeez, you know, it was only a couple days ago that Miggy came to me saying, "Oh Eamon, your blog is so awesome, can I please be a part of this amazing thing that you've been a part of for so long? Please!!"  And then in his first post he decides to shit on the hand that feeds him.  I mean, look at this guy.  Thinking he's Eric Estrada and everything.  Let me make something perfectly clear, you are no Eric Estrada!  To clarify something else, I started this blog as a nation-wide sports blog, but the facts are that my entire following were from the New England area and wished to hear less about the Redskins, or the Texas Rangers, or the Seattle Mariners (which by the way is Miggy's team, cue the collective "oh...too bad..." in 3-2-1...go!)  So that's what I did. 

Now moving on to Miggy.  I brought him in because I figured he's not from the New England area, and maybe he can bring in a different following.  But now he wants to start stuff with the person who was generous enough to bring him in?  Okay...from now on, I will be reviewing all posts by Miggy before he posts, just to make sure they're up to the standards of this blog!  Way to go you can never write for real as long as your my "employee."  (I put it in quotes, because I will never pay him.)

This is the only time I will ever say this.  Miggy and I are great friends and I am very excited to work with him.  We have worked together in the past, as he said on a sports show that he got started (which would have failed without me).  And everything disparaging I say simply to cause controversy for you, my followers.  Just so no one thinks I'm the worst person in the world who is enslaving Miggy simply because he can't write for anyone else (tee-hee).  But I look forward to this blog to taking off now that I can get the followers from New England and Miggy can help to colonize the rest of the country.  Just wait.  Brag about this blog.  Because in 3 months, it will be the greatest blog in the country, and you'll want to brag about it that you knew it before it became a fad!  Pass the word, this thing is going to take off now!  Because both Miggy and myself are completely....Out of Bounds!

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