Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Kid on the Knoblauch

Hello fellow nobodies...

My name is Miggy, and I'm the new contributor for the blog Out Of Bounds...

(Since Eamon is desperate to get this blog on the main, and I'm just desperate for attention, this partnership is just made in heaven)

To give you a (sports) background of myself:
-Born in Sydney but grown in New York City (gasp, a New Yorker in a Boston Blog)
-NOT a fan of New York teams...not saying I despise them, just that they aren't my favorite teams (and neither are Boston teams)
-I root for the Seattle Mariners, the Dallas Mavericks, the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans (and if you feed me enough attention I will explain why)
-Went to Villanova along with Eamon, and produced/hosted/burned-into-ground the sports show "A Miggy-Flavored Sports Show" on campus television (Eamon provided baseball segments along with pulling his impersonation of a Boston-jerk game-show host)

So what the hell would I be doing for this particular blog?
-Well, since Eamon likes to ignore the rest of the world except for New England, I guess I have to fill the world with everything else in terms of sports...and when I mean everything, I was a college medalist in curling, so there's no limit on what I could bring up...however, I'd be too mean a person to bring up Big East basketball (and Villanova basketball) enough to make Eamon feel like recognizes something sports-related (barely)

So starting this week I will be dropping knowledge bombs from time to time, feel free to be obliterated in the process

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  1. Good luck, Miggy, you're the man for S60 Volvo!