Sunday, April 10, 2011

Red Sox Game 9: Beckett Starts against an ace and Varitek Francona reading this blog?

 FINALLY!!!!!  The things I say in this blog come true.  I have been saying since the start of the season that Josh Beckett should be the ace of this team.  And I have said that Jason Varitek should be the starting catcher because he is a better pitcher's catcher.  Now today, Becket pitches against C.C. Sabathia, arguably one of the best pitchers in the American League.  And Beckett is pitching against the New York Yankees, again, arguably one of the greatest offenses in all of baseball.  And what do Beckett and Varitek combine for?  8 Innings Pitched, 2 Hits Allowed, 1 Walk, and 10 Strike Outs!  These are the numbers of old Beckett!  I have said for a while now, he should pitch against the aces, he's a huge big game pitcher.  He knew today was important, and that a win was needed, and what did he do?  Pitch a masterful game!  Do you think Lester could do that?  I really don't think so.

And the greatest part is that all parts of the team showed up.  Beckett as the starting pitcher was masterful.  Jonathan Papelbon as the bullpen pitcher was amazing.  And the offense even showed up in the persona of Jed Lowrie getting a 2 - run double in the seventh inning.  Everything is coming together.  Everyone is playing up to their abilities.  This team will now start climbing the rankings.  My biggest hope is that Terry Francona knows that Beckett should pitch against the aces of every team we play.  And since he saw what I have been saying for a while, maybe Francona is actually reading this blog and will do what I say.  Hey Terry!  Doing great now man.  But trust me, stick with Beckett as your ace.  Keep giving the captain, Big Tek the start at catcher.  Maybe Salty is younger, but they're doing the same at the plate and the pitchers are better when he plays. 

But, I digress.  Now we look to the future.  And what is next for the Sox?  Well, it's the worst team in baseball thus far coming in to Fenway.  And I understand we haven't been amazing, but the Rays have been down right awful.  And tomorrow we turn to Dice-K Matsuzaka who had a great game the last time he went out.  Now the team from Boston just needs to keep this run going and show up in the next few games to try to make up some games in the AL East.  If this game showed us anything, it's that the Red Sox are for real, and despite a poor start (and I mean an absolutely atrocious start) to the season, the can now pull themselves out of the gutter, dust themselves off, and show everyone just how great they are.  I cannot wait until tomorrow to see how we play against the Rays.  I will be watching that as intently as I was tonight.  I would just like to see a bit more offense in the way of runs scored.  But I loved how many guys got on base, and I loved the great swings everyone was having, especially Dustin Pedroia who came into this game 1-22 against Sabathia and still had 3 hits and a walk.  I am loving this team and cannot wait until tomorrow to see how they play then.  This season is, without a doubt, salvageable!   Just you wait.  This team will be doing some dancing in about 6 months.  Count on it.  Until tomorrow my faithful readers, stay Out of Bounds!!

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