Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Sox Game 5: We've Officially Matched 1996

For the first time in 15 years, the Red Sox have started 0-5.  And with another loss, comes another aspect of the Boston team that faltered.  This game saw success from the offense and from the starting pitcher Dice-K Matsuzaka.  But it was the bullpen that let the team down in this one.  Scoring 4 runs by the offense should have been enough, since Matsuzaka only allowed 3 runs over 5 innings pitched.  Now, the team would like to see Dice-K go longer into games, but Boston has gotten used to the fact that Dice-K can be a bit wild and may only be able to go 5 innings.  That's why there's a pitcher like Tim Wakefield in the bullpen who can pitch in long relief.  But the bullpen couldn't hold the Cleveland Indians scoreless as they had done the game before.  The bullpen gave up 5 runs in 3 innings, 3 of the runs being allowed by Dennys Reyes, who didn't record a single out.

Despite the poor pitching by the bullpen, I still liked this game.  It shows that it is possible that the starting pitching and offense can work together to get the win.  If the bullpen had not allowed the 5 runs, and had shut out the Indians as they had done before, the Sox would have won 4-3.  We know the bullpen will have struggling days.  All teams have days when the bullpen cannot close the door.  But lately it seems that the starting pitching has been to blame for this 0-5 stretch.  But after 2 straight games of good enough starting pitching to get a win, I can see some great things happening for this team.  I still believe that all the Red Sox need is one win to set them off on the winning path.  And that one win can certainly come in the next game.

Jon Lester faces Fausto Carmona in the next game on Thursday.  Lester is coming off a struggling game where he surrendered three home runs and five earned runs.  But there is a pitcher who struggled even more, and that pitcher guessed it, Fausto Carmona.  Carmona had a horrible Opening Day start against the Chicago White Sox.  He only made it through 3 innings and allowed 10 runs, including 2 home runs.  But Carmona is still a great pitcher.  I hope the Sox don't expect that poor of a start out of him.  I don't think the Sox can expect poor performances out of any team they face right now, not the way they're playing.  However, if Carmona's confidence is shaken, there is a good chance that Boston can jump on that to secure their first win of the season.  I've been saying for a couple days not that I believed the next game will be the one, and being the superstitious man that I am, I don't think I will say that today.  I think for now I will say good luck boys, and I hope you can pull this one out.  I would really like to be able to write a blog about a win, because criticizing this team is sure getting boring for me.  So, until next time readers, let's all root for the Sox to pull this next one out so we can all have a party...Out of Bounds! (Shameless blog name plug, I know.)

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